we turn science and technology into a competitive advantage.

Our PRIMETRACK ACCEL™ product line utilizes the finest raw materials in the industry combined with superior craftsmanship to produce world-class surfaces. Our products are customizable and maintain the highest safety and performance characteristics in the industry, cornerstones of everything FirstForm constructs.

Best in class features

  • Polyurethane derived from premium raw materials
  • Secure traction and optimal slip protection
  • Optimal force absorption
  • Spike resistance
  • Full range of color options
  • Uniform, consistent surface with lasting performance
 Best in class team
  • Knowledgeable sales team with coaching backgrounds
  • Experienced design professionals
  • Expert construction team with single point of contact

Prime Track Accel

Our durability is the result of rigorous formulation and the procurement of only the highest quality raw materials without fillers of any type.



our advanced running surfaces excel at every level and every budget


  • Premium full pour polyurethane system
  • Virgin rubber EPDM granules


  • Premium polyurethane sandwich system
  • Virgin rubber EPDM granular wear layer


  • Premium polyurethane structural spray system
  • Best in class paved base layer

performance at every step

The design, engineering and installation of high-performance outdoor sports surfaces demands high level precision and expertise. That’s why at FirstForm our polyurethane running tracks are unsurpassed in quality, performance and durability. Our tracks don’t just represent a competitive advantage for your athletes, they offer a tremendous value to your institution.

Every relationship requires a first step. At FirstForm our team is poised and ready to ensure that your project gets a great start and is strong and steady at every step of the process. Call us at 978-914-7570 or click below.

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