There's Only One Goal.

When we design and build soccer and lacrosse facilities, we set out with a single purpose in mind: create the best experience possible for players and fans alike, from the field to the parking lot. Here are some things we take into account when we conceive soccer and lacrosse facilities…


Keep their eyes on the ball.

Sunlight can be a big factor in outdoor sports played on large fields. It’s ideal for soccer and lacrosse fields to have a north-south orientation so the rising or setting sun doesn’t interfere with a player’s ability to see the ball or where they’re trying to send it.

Leave the chairs behind.

Soccer and lacrosse fans know that the games may be exciting, but seating is usually BYO. Well-placed bleachers are a welcome addition to any soccer or lacrosse venue, sparing parents, friends, and fans from having to lug their own chairs from the car to the sidelines.


More watching, less walking.

The distance between parking spaces and the soccer and lacrosse fields can vary from a short walk to a bit of a hike. Proper planning can make it easy for everyone to access the action, especially if future plans might involve growing into a multi-field facility.


Concessions that stand out.

A concession stand is a great addition to a soccer and lacrosse facility, especially for larger programs or a complex that regularly hosts tournaments. Factors like location, cooking capabilities, frozen snack and drink offerings, and seating options can make a concession stand a real treat for fans and a nice revenue source for the program.


A field that plays like grass.

Our PrimePlay™ Replicated Grass gives your players the closest experience to a natural grass field available on the market. Our extra fiber length helps to keep the ball from contacting the infill, which slows ball speed and also allows the player to get their foot or stick underneath it more easily – a natural grass trait that is a vital part of precise ball control.