Everybody wins.

As the popularity of outdoor sports continues to grow, multi-sport facilities have become the norm for many high schools, colleges, and universities. A smartly conceived multisport facility will have the flexibility to deliver a great experience, whatever the sport. Here are some things we take into account as we conceive and design multisport facilities…


Make everyone feel special.

It’s important to make a space that works well for all players, coaches, and spectators of every sport. Easy access to centrally located amenities like concessions stands and restrooms make it feel like the facility was built with their sport in mind.

Show your pride.

A well designed multisport facility will make everyone feel like it is their “house.” Logos on the fields and scoreboards give the program presence, and nice touches like inspiring program-branded slogans in the concession stands and restrooms, and team emblems near the entryways can amplify a program’s character for players and fans alike.


Give them clear boundaries.

Every sporting location in a multisport facility must be clearly marked, reducing the risk of people wandering onto an active field and into harm’s way. Having appropriate safety boundaries around each playing surface is an important part of keeping everyone safe.


Build for flexibility.

Fields at multisport facilities often serve double or triple duty, so it’s smart to consider what sports each field might support before putting pen to paper. To get the most out of a facility, a single field can be sized to accommodate football, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, and other sports for all levels of play.


A tunable surface.

Our PrimePlay™ Replicated Grass gives the closest experience to playing on a natural grass field available on the market. It features a tunable infill system, allowing each field to be dialed in for a specific type of performance. Fields can be set up to play soft to the touch but firm under foot for football, soccer, or lacrosse, or to play fast and true for baseball and field hockey.