Building a Football
Facility Where
Everybody Wins.

Football is a cornerstone sport for many high schools, colleges, and universities across the country. Creating a space that works well and feels like “home” for players and fans makes a better experience for everyone. Here are some things we take into account as we conceive and design football facilities…


Building a home-field advantage.

A football facility is not a library. Designing a facility that allows crowd noise to reverberate can add excitement to a game. Some facilities have their bleachers or seats very close to the field because it makes for a more intense environment, which can create a real home-field advantage.

A sense of

A properly branded football facility will make everyone in attendance aware of whose “house” they are in. Logos on the field, scoreboard, and grandstand are givens, but more subtle touches like inspiring team-branded slogans in the locker room and team emblems near entryways can amplify a program’s character for players and fans alike.


Places that work for everyone.

It’s important to make a space work well for all the people who breathe life into a football facility. Covered gathering spaces for marching bands are a consideration for some facilities. So is a well-stocked concession stand that can whip up hot morsels for hungry fans. Some facilities have dedicated spaces for cheerleading squads. Taking a step back and thinking about a facility’s culture can lead to a space where great memories are made for everyone.

Other field uses.

A football field is typically an important asset that has to serve double or triple duty. It’s wise to consider all these uses before putting pen to paper. Many of the fields we design are sized to accommodate soccer, lacrosse, and other sports beyond just football.


A field that performs as hard as your athletes.

Football is a fast sport that’s played in all kinds of weather, so it’s important to create a field that can stand up to the elements while allowing athletes to perform at their very best. Our PrimePlay™ Replicated Grass is unrivaled when it comes to predictable footing, drainage, and player safety.