Hit It out of the Park.

The difference between building a great baseball or softball facility and an average one comes down to the details. Just like a power hitter, doing the little things right can make the difference between a pop fly and a grand slam. Here are some things we take into account as we conceive and design baseball and softball facilities…


Sun gets in their eyes.

There’s a reason baseball caps and softball visors have bills – having the sun in their eyes can take your players out of the game. That’s why we always try to orient the field from southwest to northeast, where the angle of the sun is its most manageable for players, regardless of the time of day.

A sense of identity.

A properly branded baseball or softball facility can be a source of pride for players and fans alike. Logos on the warm-up circles, scoreboard, and outfield fence are a good start, but little touches like inspiring team-branded slogans in the dugouts and team emblems near entryways can amplify a program’s character for everyone in attendance.


Every seat is great.

There’s nothing worse than coming out to a ballgame and not being able to see all of the action. That’s why we factor spectator experience into all aspects of our design, from dugout height to the type of fencing used, to where the stands are placed. With everything working in harmony, there isn’t a bad seat in the house.


Lighting the way to tomorrow.

While many new facilities are built with lights, sometimes the ability to play after dark is simply not in the initial budget. We like to keep the options open for our clients, so we often design our facilities to make it easier to add lights in the future.



A field that plays like grass.

Our PrimePlay™ Replicated Grass gives your players the closest experience to a natural grass field available on the market. Our dense blade construction provides an amazingly true ball roll, and our no-rubber infill and underlayment pad allow for a proper and consistent ball bounce. For an extra layer of customization, our infill is “tunable,” allowing you to put a personal touch on the performance of your field.