All the Benefits of Natural Grass, None of the Headaches.

The world’s most realistic artificial turf.

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In many ways, densely grown natural grass is the best sports playing surface … right up until the grass thins, or worse, the field becomes bare, leaving only unstable hard dirt as the running surface.

Our PrimePlay® Replicated Grass is crafted to closely mimic natural grass, with a blade density nearly three times greater than conventional artificial turf. The result is a playing surface that provides the benefits of a natural surface without the maintenance issues – the ultimate goal in sports field design.

Unlike other artificial turf products where players run on the infill, PrimePlay® allows players to run on the blades themselves, just like a well-maintained natural grass field. Science shows us that playing on grass offers better predictability of play and safety than playing on unstable surfaces like dirt, which makes our unique approach the smartest (and safest) one.


Here’s what separates our PrimePlay® Replicated Grass from the competition

Organic Infill

Eco-Safe Infill

Our infill products contain no crumb rubber or heavy metals and are 100% environmentally friendly and recyclable. Our rubber-free infill option is a proprietary composite of organic and non-organic particles shown to reduce surface temperatures by 35o or more.  Learn More


All-In-One Panel System

This infill-less solution is so easy to put down and take up that anyone looking for a portable turf field needs to look no further.  Learn More


Blade Density

Our PrimePlay® Replicated Grass boasts almost three times the blade density over typical artificial turf. This improves footing and allows players to run on the grass, not the infill, just like a well-maintained natural grass field.


Fiber Length

Its industry-leading fiber length (nearly one inch above the infill) keeps the infill locked into place and provides a more stable playing surface while affording an extra amount of cushioning for players.


A Level Playing Field

When it comes to athletic fields, the flatter, the better. Our engineered structural bases that serve as the foundation of our fields create the flattest playing surfaces available today.
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Fast Drainage

Our drainage systems provide the fastest and most complete field drainage, allowing play during and immediately after heavy rain.


4×4 Stitch Symmetry

Our PrimePlay® turf products are precisely manufactured with the same number of tufts per inch in all directions, creating a reliable, symmetrical surface from sideline to sideline.


Vertical Memory

The grass filaments used are designed to spring back into shape time and again. Coupled with an unparalleled blade density, our fields have the best vertical memory (anti lay-over) available.


Infill Stability

The blade density and fiber length of our PrimePlay® surface locks the infill in place, virtually eliminating fly-out. This creates a surface that stays even longer, plays more predictably, and reduces contact between infill and athletes – a major concern for players and their parents.


PrimePlay® is perfectly suited for all outdoor sports that are traditionally played on grass fields, and is backed by an industry-leading warranty.

  • Eight (8) Year Turf Manufacturer Warranty: Against excessive fading, UV degradation, and premature wear.
  • Twenty (20) Year Shock Pad and Drain Mat Warranty
  • One (1) Year Workmanship Warranty
  • G-Max Guarantee: Not to exceed 120.
  • Eco-Safe Guarantee: Infill contains no heavy metals or known chemical carcinogens Learn More